RB-Series: Red-Enhanced Silicon Photomultipliers

  • High responsivity of >100 kA/W @905 nm due to the combination of high gain and detection efficiency
  • PDE of >10 % at 905 nm
  • Ultra-fast rise times and pulse widths from SensL’s unique ‘fast output’ terminal
  • Available in a low-cost, high volume, reflow solder compatible MLP package
  • 1 mm sensor, which a choice of microcell size
  • Evaluation board with either SMA connectors or pins are available

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The R-Series is a new range of Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) providing increased sensitivity into the red and NIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The current release from the R-Series is the RB-Series of sensors that provide improved photon detection efficiency and reduced crosstalk over the previous RA-Series. The RB-Series sensors feature single photon sensitivity, high responsivity and fast signal response, all achieved at a low bias voltage. The sensor is packaged in a compact and robust molded leadframe package (MLP) that is suitable for reflow solder processes. Both the sensor and the package are designed for volume production, and are delivered on tape and reel.

The primary application for the RB-Series SiPM sensors is for LiDAR and ranging applications that use 905 nm light. These SiPM sensors are an improvement over avalanche photodiodes (APD) and PIN diodes due to their high gain and single photon sensitivity. For LiDAR applications this enables the detection of low reflectivity targets at very long distance. Unlike the similarly-operated SPAD that can only detect single photons, the SiPM overcomes this limitation by incorporating a ‘microcell’ structure that allows for multi-photon detection with a high dynamic range.

Detailed product information can be found in the MicroRB datasheet. It is strongly recommended that those new to SiPM sensors consult the Introduction to Silicon Photomultipliers Tech Note.

Performance Summary

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For the full product performance specification, click here to download the RB-Series datasheet.

RB-Series Product Options

The MicroRB sensors are 1mm in size and available with the following microcell size:

⋅ 10 μm
⋅ 20 μm
⋅ 35 μm

For more information on what a microcell is and its effect on sensor performance, please read the Introduction to SiPM tech note.

The RB-Series sensors are available in a molded leadframe package (MLP), or mounted onto one of two evaluation boards. The options shown below with links to the products on the eStore. The eStore enables sample quantities of the RB-Series to be purchased quickly and easily (microcell size is selected on the eStore page).  If you require a formal quote or have a high volume requirement please email our sales team.

MLP package

MLP packaged MicroRB sensor delivered on tape and reel for high volume applications.

SMA board

MicroRB sensor mounted on PCB with bias filtering and 3 SMA connectors for anode, cathode and fast output.

SMTPA board

MicroRB sensor mounted on a PCB board, with 5 pins that connect to the anode, cathode and fast output…useful for evaluation purposes.

Part Number Ordering Information

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