SiPM Arrays

4-Side Scaleable SiPM Arrays

SensL’s C-Series SiPM sensors are used to create compact and scaleable arrays. The MLP-packaged sensors are mounted onto PCB boards with minimal dead space and are available in a variety of formats, formed of sensors of either 1mm, 3mm or 6mm. The back of each Array has either multi-way connectors or a ball grid array (BGA), to give access to the fast and standard outputs, and a common I/O from the summed substrates of the pixels.

Key Features

C-Series MLP parts reflow soldered onto PCB
Arrays featuring 1mm, 3mm and 6mm in various configurations
  • Available with pixel sizes of either 1mm, 3mm and 6mm
  • Variety of formats ranging from 2×2 to 12×12
  • Minimal deadspace at the edges allowing tiling on all sides to allow the creation to still larger detection areas
  • Each array as either a multi-way connector or BGA on the reverse for access to all signals
  • Evaluation boards available for easy access to signals
  • The pixel signals can either be read out individually for imaging applications, or summed by the user to create a large area, single-channel sensor
  • The pixel-level performance is exactly as per that of the individual C-Series sensors

SiPM Array Images

Specification Summary

Please refer to the Array-SMT product brief for a complete list of features and technical details, and the C-Series datasheet for the performance of the individual pixels.

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Array-SMT eStore

Welcome to the SensL eStore.  Here you can quickly purchase sample quantities of all SiPM sensors including the SiPM Arrays.  If you require a formal quote or have a high volume requirement please email our sales team.

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Part Number Ordering Information

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