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ArrayRA: 1 x 16 Array of Red-Enhanced Silicon Photomultipliers

  • Specifically designed for LIDAR and 3D ranging applications
  • 1 x 16 linear array of 0.491 mm x 0.171 mm pixels
  • High responsivity of >30 kA/W @905 nm due to the combination of high gain and detection efficiency
  • Ultra-fast rise times and pulse widths from SensL’s unique ‘fast output’ terminal
  • Available in a reflow solder compatible DFN package
  • Evaluation board available

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SensL have developed the RA-Series of SiPM (Silicon Photomultipliers) to provide enhanced detection efficiency in the NIR part of the spectrum. These sensors use a low low operating bias (<50 V) but are single photon sensitive and have a responsivity of >30 kA/W at 905 nm.

The ArrayRA-0116A20-DFN is a 1 x 16 monolithic array of SiPM sensors that has been designed specifically for automotive LiDAR applications. The array is biased from a single supply via the summed anode and summed cathode, but has 16 individual ‘fast outputs’ (one per pixel). The SensL SiPMs have been proven to provide long distance ranging even with low reflectivity targets.

It is strongly recommended that those new to SiPM sensors consult the Introduction to Silicon Photomultipliers Tech Note.

ArrayRA Performance Summary

Responsivity @ 905 nm430 kA/WAt maximum bias
Responsivity @ 905 nm31 kA/WAr typical bias
Fast output rise time450 ps
Fast output pulse width2.3 nsFWHM
Bias voltage~50 V

For the full product performance specification, click here to download the ArrayRA datasheet.

ArrayRA Product Options

The ArrayRA is available as either the packaged sensor, or mounted on an evaluation board. These are shown below with direct links to the product on the eStore where sample quantities can be purchased quickly and easily.

If you require a formal quote or have a high volume requirement please email our sales team.

DFN package

Monolithic 1 x 16 array of SiPM pixels in a DFN package.

EVB board

ArrayRA mounted on to an evaluation board with connectors for the the bias supply and the 16 fast outputs.

Part Number Ordering Information

Part numberProduct description
ArrayRA-0116A20-DFNDFN-packaged, 1 x 16 monolithic array of red-enhanced RA-Series SiPM pixels. Each pixel is 0.491 mm x 0.171 mm with 20 mm microcells.
ArrayRA-0116A20-EVBEvaluation board consisting of an ArrayRA-0116A20-DFN sensor array mounted onto PCB, with 16 UMC connectors (Hirose U.FL) for the fast output signals, and an SMA connector for the bias.

This part is a pre-production engineering sample. For high volume availability please contact SensL sales.