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High Resolution Timing Module

SensL’s HRM-TDC is a portable, highly functional timing system providing flexible, easy-to-use timing functions. The HRM-TDC has four channels, each with 27ps timing resolution and a maximum data rate of 4.5MHz over USB to the host computer. The system also comes equipped with 16 general-purpose, user-configurable I/O ports and a programmable TTL clock output.

The HRM-TDC module architecture combines a high performance timing module with a high end FPGA, on-board memory and a high speed USB 2.0 interface. The FPGA is the heart of the system and controls all aspects of operation in addition to performing commands from the external host computer. It uses a proprietary communication protocol for communication with the host PC running either the SensL Integrated Environment (SIE), or the users own application built using the SensL DLL. The SIE, DLL and LabView drivers are provided for the system.

Key Features

  • Highly configurable, high resolution time-to-digital converter
  • 27ps LSB resolution (66ps RMS)
  • Each of the 4 independent SMA inputs accept TTL pulses
  • Several timing modes, including single- and multi-stop, and can be configured for TCSPC
  • Data transfer is via USB, with a total maximum data rate of 4.5MHz

  • All functionality is PC controlled via the supplied SensL GUI, or DLL or Labview drivers
  • Mains powered
  • Also features 16 general purpose, user-configurable I/O ports and a programmable TTL clock output
  • Fully compatible with SensL’s HRM-CFD constant fraction discriminator

HRM-TDC Images

HRM-TDC Schematic

Specification Summary

Please refer to the HRM-TDC Datasheet for a complete list of features and technical details.

General Specifications

Number of channels4
Input voltage levelTTL
START/STOP channels input impedance51 kOhm
Min. input pulse width1.5ns
ModesSingle- and Multi-stop
Internal Memory8MB fast SRAM
Memory formatDual ported linear or dual ported FIFO (mode dependent)
Readout during operationFully dual-ported memory (no stop start operation required)
Multi module operationDepends on USB capability of PC
Programmable clockTTL 50 Ohm SMA output up to 100MHz
I/O control16 fully programmable TTL I/O ports
PC RequirementsWindows 7 or XP SP2, Min. 1.5 GHz and 5MB RAM and high-speed USB
PC InterfaceHigh speed USB 2.0
SoftwareSensL Integrated Environment (SIE) and DLL drivers
Dimensions164mm x 96mm x 34mm
Power+5V @ 0.65 A
TemperatureOperating: 0oC to +50oC, Storage: -20oC to +70oC

Timing Specifications

Resolution27ps (LSB), 66ps (RMS)
Dead time190ns
Saturated count rate4.5MHz
Usable count rate9MHz
Burst rates100MHz
Macro timing resolution (LSB)5ns
Maximum timing range143us
Differential Non Linearity<±1 LSB

HRM-TDC eStore

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Part Number Ordering Information

Part NumberItem DescriptionSilicon SeriesSensor Size in mm (XX)FamilyPackage Type
HRM-TDCHigh Resolution Timing Module - 4 ChannelN/AN/AHRMSystem