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Silicon Photomultiplier Module

SensL’s MiniSM silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) modules are a range of high gain, single-photon sensitive, visible light sensors. They have performance characteristics similar to a conventional PMT, whilst benefiting from the practical advantages of solid-state technology. The MiniSM module offers a simple, plug-and-play set up that allows the user to achieve high performance with the minimum of ancillary equipment. The MiniSM module cools the SiPM sensor, providing a significant reduction in the dark count noise.

Key Features

For achieving reduced dark count rates at low temperature
For simplifying the readout chain.
Direct +5V from a power supply, or from the mains via the supplied adapter
Facilitates quick and easy evaluation
  • Self-contained SiPM module
  • Integrated power supply, cooling and preamplification
  • On-board cooling allows for reduction of the dark count rate
  • Single 5V power supply
  • Peak detection efficiency at 500nm
  • 1mm and 3mm sensor sizes

MiniSM Images

Datasheet Summary

Please refer to the MiniSM Datasheet for a complete list of features and technical details.

Sensor size1mm x 1mm3mm x 3mm
microcell size35um35um
No. of microcells5044774
Breakdown voltage27V ± 0.5V27V ± 0.5V
Module dimensions45 x 35 x 40 mm345 x 35 x 40 mm3
Power requirements+5V+5V
Cooled temperature-10oC-10oC
Peak wavelength500nm500nm

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Part Number Ordering Information

Part NumberItem DescriptionSilicon SeriesSensor Size in mm (XX)FamilyPackage Type
Mini-Opt-CMountFC-Mount Adapter (Female) Option for Mini FamilyMini (OPT)N/A
Mini-Opt-CMountMC-Mount Adapter (male) Option for Mini Family
(Standard Recommendation)
Mini (OPT)N/A
Mini-Opt-F1SPM Fiber Coupler (FC, 400 m core) Option for Mini FamilyMini (OPT)N/A
Mini-Opt-Power-CableExtra Sherlock Power Cable Option for Mini or Micro-EVB Family (included when ordering base systems)Mini (OPT)
MiniSM-10035-X08MiniSM100 series, 35um, TIA ElectronicsM/Mini1Mini (SPM)System
MiniSM-30035-X08MiniSM300 series, 35um, TIA ElectronicsM/Mini3Mini (SPM)System