Matrix System

Modular Scintillator Readout Solution for Nuclear Medicine

SensL’s Matrix products provide a modular, turnkey readout system specifically designed for nuclear medicine applications. Building on SensL’s silicon photomultiplier technology, the MatrixB provides a fully solid-state, four-side scalable sensor for the readout of L(Y)SO or BGO scintillator arrays. It integrates all of the electronics required to localize, time stamp and discriminate scintillation events. Digitized event data comprising time, location and energy are sent to the host system via a high-speed USB interface. Integrating multiple sensor arrays, the system can perform temporal coincidence analysis thereby reducing data rates and the computational load on the host system.

Key Features

Multiple sensor arrays can be tiled together, and up to 16 read out with a single communication board
The event location, energy and time stamp are recorded
for system control via GUI and direct data transfer to the host PC
for PET (positron emission tomography) applications

The Matrix system is specifically designed for the readout of scintillator matrices for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) applications. Employing SensL silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) technology, the MatrixB sensor array requires low power and operating voltage, is compact, robust and offers excellent spatial segmentation and optical response uniformity. Addressing the needs of high-resolution imagers such as small animal, pre-clinical and mammography PET, the MatrixB array is a compelling alternative to the multi- anode PMT. A high degree of modularity makes the Matrix system a cost effective substitute for the PMT in full-body PET systems. The Matrix system architecture is based on three principal sub-systems:

  • The Sensor Array is a 12 x 12 array of SMT-packaged SiPM sensors mounted on a four-side tileable PCB board. The PCB has integrated cross-wire readout for multiplexing. It is fitted with mechanical mounting points and connects via a 80-way flexible printed circuit cable to the front-end electronics board.
  • The Front-end Electronics Board serves to bias the 144 SiPM and amplify their signals. Candidate signals are flagged through a programmable threshold discriminator and are digitized, time stamped, buffered and subsequently read out to the Matrix Communications board through a high speed serial interface.
  • The Matrix Communications Board (Matrix-EVB-16 – ordered separately) supports up to 16 MatrixB modules. It provides a common clock, retrieves and buffers event data, performs temporal coincidence analysis for events from different sensor arrays and interfaces with the host computer through a high speed USB connection.

Matrix System Images

Matrix System Schematic

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Please refer to the Matrix System Product Brief for a complete list of features and technical details.

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Matrix System GUI

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