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SensL’s current product portfolio features SiPM sensors and Arrays. Below is a summary of each, with links to the dedicated product pages. If more help is needed to navigate the SensL product range, then please refer to our product selection guide page.

Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM)

SensL offers a complete line of Silicon Photomultipliers covering a wide range of applications. There are several options to choose from and each “Series” is designed to offer a set of performance parameters suited to a given application.

Links to the dedicated product pages for each Series are below, but certain characteristics are common to all SensL SiPM sensors:

  • Low bias voltage
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • High breakdown voltage uniformity
  • SensL’s unique fast output terminal
  • High gain of ~106
  • Manufactured using a CMOS process for high volume and low cost
  • All SiPM Series are available in a reflow-solder compatible package, on tape and reel.

C_series SiPM Family

Low Noise & Exceptional Uniformity
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C-Series sensors have all-round high performance and are designed for high volume. It is available in the low-cost MLP package that is compatible with standard reflow solder, surface mount procedures.

J_series SiPM Family

High Performance in a TSV Package
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The J-Series builds on the successful C-Series product line, to provide sensors optimized for high-performance timing applications.

R_series SiPM Family

Fast, Red-Enhanced Silicon Photomultipliers
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The R-Series is a new family of Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) sensors providing improved sensitivity into the red and NIR portion of the spectrum. The R-Series SiPM sensors have been optimized for the 3D ranging and sensing markets.

Additional Products

SiPM Arrays
SensL offers a arrays of SiPMs in a variety of pixel sizes and array formats that can be used rapid evaluation of the technology.
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Application Specific Evaluation Systems
SensL offers lab oriented devices for testing SiPM designs for specific applications.
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