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SiPM Product Selection Guide

Compared to other photosensor technologies, such as PiN diodes, APDs and PMTs, SiPMs offer a winning combination of properties. These include high gain, excellent PDE and fast timing along with the practical advantages associated with solid-state technology: compactness, ruggedness, low bias voltage and insensitivity to magnetic fields. This page is intended to help the user navigate our catalog of sensors.

SensL is now recognized as a market leader for low-light sensing products as a result of 10 years continuous product improvements, serving hundreds of customers. The SensL advantage lies in a number of fundamental factors that come together to result in a product and service that surpass the competition.

Silicon Family

SensL have three different silicon series, each of which which combines high photon detection efficiency (PDE) with low dark count rate, but with other varying characteristics that are suited to specific applications. The different silicon series can be summarized as follows:

  • C-Series – General purpose, blue sensitive, lowest cross-talk and noise.
  • J-Series – Blue sensitive, highest PDE, optimized for fast timing applications, high-fill factor package.
  • R-Series – General purpose red sensitive, highest PDE, optimized for fast timing applications.

The full datasheets for each silicon series are found on the individual product pages. The table below summarizes some of the main characteristics for each silicon series, based on a 35um microcell.

Peak sensitivity420 nm420 nm550 nm
Sensitivity range300 nm - 950 nm200 nm - 900 nm300 nm - 1050 nm
Breakdown voltage (Typical)24.5 V24.5 V30 V
Recommended operating voltageVbr + 5 VVbr + 6 VVbr + 15 V
PDE41% @ 420 nm50% @ 420 nm6.3% @ 905 nm
Dark count rate (typical)30 kHz/mm250 kHz/mm21.4 MHz/mm2
Microcell recharge time constant (RC)82 ns45 ns68 ns
Fast output terminalyesyesyes
Temperature stability21.5 mV/oC21.5 mV/oC0.2 V/oC

Certain specialist sensor products are only available in otherwise discontinued silicon series, e.g. M-Series or B-Series.

Package Type

The range of package types are summarized below, which in combination with the ‘Silicon Family’ table can aid the user in choosing the ideal SensL product for their application.

Single Channel


  • Surface mount package
  • Reflow solder compatible
  • Available on tape & reel
  • High packing fraction for array formation
  • No ferrous materials


  • Surface mount package

  • Reflow solder compatible
  • Available on tape & reel
  • Highly radiopure


  • SMT (or TSV) SiPM mounted on a small evaluation board
  • Standard and fast outputs
  • SMA connector I/Os


  • SMT (or TSV) packaged SiPM mounted onto a pin adapter board
  • Easy access to the fast and standard outputs


  • TO-18, 3-pin package
  • Access to the fast and standard outputs


  • 2-pin, ceramic package
  • Epoxy fill
  • Ideal for scintillator coupling
  • No access to the fast signal


  • Plug-and-play high-performance SiPM module

  • Combines preamplification, temperature control and power supply electronics


SMT (MLP) Arrays

  • Arrays of SMT (MLP) packaged sensors on PCB
  • Access to the fast output signal (except ArrayC-60035-4P)
  • I/Os are either via multi-way connectors or a ball grid array on the reverse of the PCB
  • See the ‘Product Availability Summary’ table below for the exact formats available

TSV Arrays

  • TSV packaged sensors allow the highest packing fraction on the market (>90%)

  • TSV arrays are available in a variety of configurations, with 3mm and 6mm pixels

  • Multiway connector on reverse
  • Access to the fast output signal

Matrix System

  • Modular, turnkey readout system specifically designed for nuclear medicine applications

  • Integrates all of the electronics required to localize, time stamp and discriminate scintillation events

  • Data is sent to a PC via USB

  • Multiple sensor heads can be integrated into the system

Product Availability Summary

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