SensL Partners

Our partners provide solutions for the entire signal chain required to power, readout, acquire and analyse data from SiPMs and Arrays.  Follow the links below to find out more!

AiT Instruments provide Silicon Photomultiplier Array readout solutions that include multiplexing of the Array signals using either row/column or charge division methods to reduce the channel count, and can be aquired by their gated integrating DAQ system. They provide a number of SensL-specific preamplifier base boards for use with the system.  Click on the logo to learn more.

Vertilon provide high-speed, multi-channel aquisition systems (PhotoniQ) for a variety of single element and array, charge-based sensors, including SiPMs. A number of SensL-specific sensor interface boards are available for use with the PhotoniQ instruments. Click on the logo to learn more.

Nuclear instruments core business is the design of custom readout solutions. They also have a range of SiPM amplification, readout, DAQ and power supply options to choose from.