Vertilon’s PhotoniQ products are targeted towards applications that utilize single and multi-element charge-based sensors such as photomultiplier tubes, silicon photomultipliers, and avalanche photodiodes. The core product line is the multi-channel data acquisition systems that interface to these optical sensors, collect and process their charge signals, and output the resulting data over a USB 2.0 connection to a PC. Included drivers and a graphical user interface allow the user to display and log the data or pass it to custom designed applications running on the PC.

The PhotoniQ instruments directly interface to optical sensors through coaxial cables or, for multi-element devices, using one of our sensor interface boards (SIBs) that provide the electrical and mechanical connectivity. The SIBs are array-specific and are available for a number of SensL Array products.

The Vertilon website has a large range of literature and documentation available to download, including a list of published papers that use the PhotoniQ products, an extensive section on the different applications of SiPMs containing links to technical papers, application notes and magazine articles as well as a section on their own product documentation containing selection guides and application notes.

There are SIBs available for two SensL array products:

SIB464—Sensor Interface Board for SensL ArrayC-60035-64P

SIB616—Sensor Interface Board for SensL ArrayC-300XX-16P

Each SIB board is compatible with most PhotoniQ models, and supports all microcell variants within the product type. For each element in the array, the PhotoniQ provides the bias supply, high speed preamplification and discrimination with adjustable energy level thresholds. There is also an on-board temperature sensor for SiPM bias compensation. Together, these boards and the PhotoniQ acquisition systems can help in the rapid evaluation of SensL products, while also providing an OEM version that can be included as a sub-assembly in more complex systems.

For more information, see the Vertilon website or contact them directly.