SensL Acquired by ON Semiconductor

On behalf of the entire team at SensL we are delighted to inform you that effective today we are now part of ON Semiconductor.

First let us tell you a few things about the acquisition so that you fully understand that nothing is changing and we hope that you will be as excited about the future as we are!

There is a detailed FAQ and Press Release on the SensL website and also a webpage hosted by ON Semiconductor that you can visit for additional information. But let’s get to a few hot questions to put your mind at ease on what this means to you:

Are all SensL products and product lines still available for purchase and being maintained in the market?

  • Yes.  There are no plans to change any of our current product lines.  In fact we plan to invest considerably to maintain our market leading position in medical imaging, LiDAR, radiation detection, and biophotonics applications. We plan to augment our product portfolio and are planning an extensive roadmap.

What about the SensL team, is everyone joining ON Semiconductor?

  • Yes.  Every employee, including SensL management, is joining and nothing is changing in our organization. You can still reach us using existing email addresses and phone numbers.  We are also going to be expanding our team so in addition to the resources of the 34,000 employees of ON Semiconductor the SensL team will also be growing in critical areas as well.

How do I continue to purchase from SensL and are my price quotes and contracts still honored?

  • Business is as usual.  Your contracts, price quotes, and all other agreements you had which were in effect with SensL will remain including NDA’s.  There will be an integration period which will be likely completed by Q4 2018 which at that time your orders will be processed by ON Semi, but in the meantime just keep calling your former SensL team and letting us know what we can do to help answer any of your questions.

Where do I go for technical support?

  • At this time the applications engineering team at SensL will continue to be your main point of contact for technical questions.  We will be training additional team members from ON Semiconductor in the coming weeks and months, but in the meantime please continue to send support questions to or for acquisition related questions.

I also buy or work with ON Semiconductor today.  Can I start placing purchase order through them directly today?

  • Not at this time.  Until the integration is complete please continue to place orders directly with SensL.  The ON Semiconductor sales and applications teams will be trained shortly and you can also coordinate meeting requests directly with them for any questions on the acquisition, roadmap or application questions regarding SensL products.  The SensL eStore is a great way to quickly purchase samples in low volume.

We are sure there will be many questions in the coming weeks and we will strive to answer them as quickly and clearly as possible.  Please continue to check our website for links to critical information.

On a personal note we can’t thank you enough for your support over the last 14 years.  We have enjoyed being a company that got to know our customers personally and have worked to bring exciting products and technology to the market. Without this community we would not be where we are today!

The entire team at SensL, as well as the management of ON Semiconductor, are as committed as ever to continue to earn your business and to continue supporting the SensL products and roadmap for SiPMs and SPAD arrays while augmenting our portfolio of products rapidly with technology that the combined companies can leverage in all our markets.

Again, thanks for all the support and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Bryan Campbell
Carl Jackson
Wade Appelman
Taner Ozcelik, Sr. VP & GM of ON Semiconductor, Image Sensor Group
and the entire SensL team

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