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Last Updated January 3, 2017

Priority Sort OrderDoc. NumberPaper TitleFirst AuthorAdditional AuthorsPaper LinkYearDetector familyDetector UsedMain ApplicationSub ApplicationKeywords
1611184Development of a wavelength-shifting fiber-based photon detector for LBNEWasserman, R.pdf2013MicroMicroX600XXHEPNeutrino detectionWavelength shifter, Liquid argon
1601132Development of low noise scintillator crystals for planetary space missionsHansson, CTT.pdf2012ArraySPMArraySB-8SpaceRemote planetary geochemical surveysGamma spectroscopy
1591115Design of DOI PET detector modules usingphoswich and SiPMs: First ResultsVaquero, JJ.pdf2012MicroSPM ArrayNuclear MedicinePETDOI, Phoswich
1581111Study of silicon photomultipliers for the medical imaging systemsD'Ascenzo, N.pdf2012MicroSPMMicro10XXNuclear MedicineToF-PETenergy and timing res
1571085A symmetric resistive voltage division circuit for SiPM array readoutDavid, s.pdf2011ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIresistive network
1561084Characterisation of Silicon Photomultipliers for Time-Of-Flight ApplicationsAhmed, M.pdf2011MicroSPMMicro X13Nuclear MedicinePETToF
1551071First results of systematic studies done with silicon photomultipliersBosio.pdf2008MicroSPMMicro
1541068Performance evaluation of SiPMs for low threshold gamma detectionPappalardo, A .pdf2011MicroSPMMicro1000Radiation DetectionNuclear monitoringwaste storage safety
1531063Characterization of SiPM: Temperature dependenciesRamilli, M.pdf2008MicroSPMMicrogeneralRapsoditemperature dependency
1521051Impact on the spatial resolution performance of a monolithic crystal PET detector due to different sensor parametersLi, X .pdf2009ArraySPMArray2Nuclear MedicinePETmonolithic LYSO
1511047Performance Testing of X-ray and Gamma-ray Detectors for Imaging and Spectroscopy - DissertationGiordmaina, R .pdf2008MicroSPMMicroRadiation DetectionGamma spectroscopycompare diff scint, and with CZT
1501044Design and Experiments of Photon Counting Imaging Test PlatformYin, L.pdf2009PCPCDphoton countingImaging
1491012The RAPSODI project: SiPM development for applied research in radiation protectionCappellini, C .pdf2008MicroSPMMicroRadiation ProtectionMammography dosimetryrapsodi project
1481009Four-layer DOI-PET detector with a silicon photomultiplier arrayFumihiko, N .pdf2008ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear MedicineDOI PET4-layer LYSO
1471011Initial results on SiPM performance for use in medical imagingEfthimiou, N .pdf2010MicroScint PackNuclear MedicinePET-MRI, SPECTER at diff energies
1461013Scintillation light readout using Silicon Photomultiplier - review and experimental resultsOsovizky, A.pdf2008MicroSPM Micro3035Radiation DetectionIsotope identificationCsI(Tl)
1451016New radiation sensor embedded in a metal detection unitOsovizky, A.pdf2010MicroSPMMICRO6035Radiation DetectionScintillatorsmetal detector
1441019Sub-milliwatt spectroscopic personal radiation device based on a silicon photomultiplierGhelman, M .pdf2010MicroSPMMICRO3035Radiation DetectionCsI(Tl)portable device
1431053Novel electro-optically coupled MR-compatible PET detectorsOlcott, P .pdf2008ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIopical signal relay
1421070Fully integrated sub 100ps photon counting platformBuckley, S.pdf2007HRMHRM-TDCTCSPC
1411116Use of internal scintillator radioactivity to calibrate DOI function of a PET detector with a dual-ended-scintillator readoutBircher, C .pdf2012MicroSPMArray2Nuclear MedicinePETDOI
1401127Fast computer-free holographic adaptive opticsAndersen, G.pdf2012ArrayArray4p9HolographyAdaptive optics, Derformable mirrors
1391130A Spartan 6 FPGA-based data acquisition system for dedicated imagers in nuclear medicineFysikopoulos, E.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4-SLNuclear MedicineReadoutFPGA system
1381181Holographic Adaptive Laser Optics System (HALOS): Fast, autonomous aberration correction Andersen, G.pdf2013ArrayArray4p9SurveilanceLidar, imaging
1371005SiPM-array based PET detectors with depth-of-interaction correctionSchaart, DR.pdf2008ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear Medicinehigh resolution PET, DOImonolithic LYSO
1361006A novel, SiPM-array-based, monolithic scintillator detector for PETSchaart, DR.pdf2009ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear Medicinehigh resolution PET, DOImonolithic LYSO
1351020CZT/NaI hybrid hand-held performance evaluationRuss, W .pdf2010ArraySPMArray4Radiation DetectionHazard and threat detectionCsI(Tl), hand-held
1341035Near-field scanning optical microscope probe analysisKlapetek, P .pdf2008PCPCDscanning electron microscopy
1331043Single-photon countingSavage, N.pdf2009PCgeneral
1321060Electro-optical characterization of SiPM: A comparative studyDinu, N .pdf2009MicroSPMMIcro100XXgeneral
1311089Optical readout of liquid argon ionisationSpooner, N.pdf2011MicroSPMMicro1020 EBHEPLiquid scintillator - ArgonDark matter, neutrino, performance at low temp
1301091Evaluation of a 16:3 Signal Multiplexor to Acquire Signals From a SPM Array With Dual and Single Layer LYSO Crystal BlocksThompson, C.pdf2011ArraySPMArray4-A0-A1Nuclear MedicinePETmultiplexed readout
Zhang, Q.pdf2011HRMHRM-TDCTime resolved spectroscopyTCSPCPRSPC
1281102Energy and Time Characterization of Silicon Photomultiplier Detecto rBlocksSanjari, SS.pdf2011MicroMatrix9Nuclear MedicinePETtiming and energy resolution
1271104Evaluation of the SensL SPMMatrix for Use as a Detector for PET and Gamma Camera ApplicationsLui, C-Y.pdf2011MicroSPMMatrixNuclear MedicinePETenergy resolution
1261109Design and performance evaluation of a compact, large-area PET detector module based on silicon photomultipliersWang, Y.pdf2012MicroArraySL-4-30035-CERNuclear MedicinePET-MRILYSO
1251117Proton beam characterisation of a prototype thin-tile plastic scintillator detector with SiPM readout for use in fast-neutron trackerPreston, R.pdf2012MicroSPMMicro3035Nuclear PhysicsNeutron detection
1241119Design and development of a field-deployable single-molecule detector (SMD) for the analysis of molecular markersEmory, JM.pdf2012PCDPCDMiniBioscienceMolecular markersMicrofulidics, bioluminescence, Point of care
1231121Simultaneous BOLD fMRI and fiber-optic calcium recording in rat neocortexSchulz, K.pdf2012MicroSPMMini3000X03A1BioscienceFluorescenceCombined fMRI and fluoresence to probe brain activity
1221123Development of the PET breast imager optimized for close approach to the chest wall and biopsy guidance using compact SiPM-based modulesMajewski, S.pdf2012MicroSPMArray4p9Nuclear MedicinePEMLYSO
1211124Development of a Large Area, High Resolution, MR-Compatible PET Detector ModuleRaylman, R.pdf2012MicroSPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePET-MRILarge area module
1201129Development of SiPM-based scintillator tile detectors for a multi-layer fast neutron trackerPreston, R.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4Radiation DetectionFast neutron tracker
1191136A position decoder circuit for PET detector with different physical propertiesJung, J.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePET
1181143Evaluation of light extraction from PET detector modules using gamma equivalent UV excitationJatekos, B.pdf2012ArraySPMArray2Nuclear MedicinePETDOI
1171145Application of HDMI® Cables as an MRI Compatible Single Cable Solution for Readout and Power Supply of SiPM Based PET DetectorsGoertzen, AL.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIHDMI cables
1161151Directional detection of fast neutrons by the Timepix pixel detector coupled to plastic scintillator with silicon photomultiplier arrayMasek, P.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4Nuclear PhysicsNeutron detectionPlastic scintillator
1151162Design and Performance of a Resistor Multiplexing Readout Circuit for a SiPM DetectorGoertzen, AL.pdf2013ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePETresistive readout
1141176Cross-Strip Multiplexed Electro-Optical Coupled Scintillation Detector for Integrated PET/MRIOlcott, P .pdf2013ArrayArray4Nuclear MedicinePET-MRImultiplexed readout
1131177Time dependent measurements of induced fission for SNM interrogationBeck, A.pdf2013MicroSPMMicro300XXHLSGamma spectroscopycargo detection, SNM (Special nuclear materials)
1121186Performance Evaluation of novel SiPM for Medical Imaging ApplicationsSeitz, B.pdf2013MicroMicroFM-30035- SMT, MicroFB-30035-SMT Nuclear MedicineGamma spectroscopyGAGG
1111195Characterization of a Handheld Gamma Camera for Intraoperative Use for Sentinel Lymph Node BiopsyGoertzen, AL.pdf2013ArrayArraySM-4Nuclear MedicineHand held gamma cameraLymph node detection, CsI(Tl)
1101198Design and test of an extremely high resolution Timing Counter for the MEG II experiment: preliminary resultsDe Gerone, M.pdf2013MicroMicroFB-30050-SMTHEPMuon detectorMEG expt
1091199Pixelated Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photo-Diode Characterization through Dark Current MeasurementAmaudruz, P-A.pdf2013ArraySPMArray4, ArraySL-4HEPMuon detector
1081201OFFSET: Optical Fiber Folded Scintillating Extended TrackerLo Presti, D.pdf2013HRMHRM-CFDNuclear MedicineHadron therapyhi res , charge particle tracking
1071202Imaging performance of silicon photomultipliers coupled to BGO and CsI:Na arraysDavid, S.pdf2013ArraySPMArray4, ArraySL-4Nuclear MedicinePET and/or SPECTBGO, CsI(Na)
1061203Multiplexing Approaches for a 12 x 4 Array of Silicon PhotomultipliersLiu, C-Y.pdf2013ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePET-MRImultiplexed readout
1051207Design and development of compact readout electronics with silicon photomultiplier array for a compact imaging detectorZhang, X-H.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePETmultiplexed readout
1041001Performance evaluation of a PET detector consisting of an LYSO array coupled to a 4× 4 array of large-size GAPD for MR compatible imagingHong, KJ.pdf2011ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear MedicinePET-MRILYSO
1031002MR Insertable Brain PET Using Tileable GAPD ArraysHong, KJ .pdf2011ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear MedicinePET-MRILYSO
1021003Development of PET using 4× 4 array of large size Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodeHong, KJ .pdf2009ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear MedicinePET-MRILYSO
1011008Measured temperature dependence of scintillation camera signals read out by geiger-Müller mode avalanche photodiodesHunter, WCJ .pdf2009ArraySPMArray2Nuclear MedicineDOI PET, PET-MRIMonolithic, temperature studies
1001014Studies of SiPM and Scintillation Plates with waveshifter fiber and SiPM readoutBaumbaugh, BW .pdf2009MicroSPMMini3035 + 1mmRadiation DetectionNuclear physicsWLS Fiber, scint tile
991018Optical readout of secondary scintillation from liquid argon generated by a thick gas electron multiplierLightfoot, PK .pdf2009MicroSPMMicro1020 EBHEPLiquid scintillator - ArgonWLS coating
981021Optimizing the design of a silicon photomultiplier-based radiation detectorGinzburg, D .pdf2011MicroPlus, 6mm and 3mmRadiation DetectionCsI(Tl)portable device
971025Characterisation of a silicon photomultiplier device for applications in liquid argon based neutrino physics and dark matter searchesLightfoot, PK .pdf2008MicroHEPLiquid scintillator - ArgonDark matter, neutrino, performance at low temp
961033Microfluidic MEMS hand-held flow cytometerGrafton, MMG .pdf2011MicroSPMMicro1100MEMS Flow cytometerBlood analysishand held, battery powered
951041System for low intensity fluorescence light measurement based on Silicon PhotomultiplierMik.pdf2010MicroSPMicro1020Fluoresence
941042Calibration beads containing luminescent lanthanide ion complexesLeif, RC .pdf2009MicroSPMMiniflow cytometryTime-delayed luminesence
931048A feasibility study of photosensor charge signal transmission to preamplifier using long cable for development of hybrid PET-MRIKang, J .pdf2010ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIcable length
921052Development of a position decoder circuit for PET consisting of GAPD arraysJung, JH.pdf2010ArraySPMArray3035G16Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIchannel reduction techniques, position decoder
911056Investigation of timing resolution and energy resolution for SiPM/PET detectors using the silicon flexible optical materialZhu.pdf2009MicroSPMMicro3035Nuclear MedicinePEToptical distribution of light
901066OpenPET: A flexible electronics system for radiotracer imagingMoses, WW .pdf2009ArrayMatrix9Nuclear MedicinePET
891067Optical Readout Technology for Large Volume Liquid Argon DetectorsMcConkey, N .pdf2011MicroSPMMicro1000HEPLiquid scintillator - ArgonWLS coated SPM
881076A Compact Neutron Detector Based on the use of a SiPM DetectorFoster, M.pdf2008ArraySPMPlusRadiation DetectionNeutron detectionLiF scintillator
871077A safe, low-cost and portable instrumentation for bedside time-resolved picosecond near infrared spectroscopyAmouroux, M.pdf2009HRMHRM-TDCTime resolved spectroscopy
861092The Silicon Photomultiplier for High Speed PhotometryVander Haagen, GA.pdf2011MicroSPMMiniPCAstronomyHigh speed photometry
851093A small animal PET based on GAPDs and charge signal transmission approach for hybrid PET-MR imagingKang, J .pdf2011ArraySPMArray2Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIcharge signal transmission/multiplexing
841100Initial results on Sipm array based on a symmetric resistive voltage division readoutDavid, s.pdf2011MicroSPMArray2Nuclear MedicinePET and/or SPECTresistive readout
831101Design and Initial Performance Evaluation of a Novel PET Detector Module Based on Compact SiPM ArraysXu, T.pdf2011Microspmarray4p9Nuclear MedicinePETasic, resistive readout
821107Development of a ??Resistive?? Readout for SiPM ArraysMajewski, S.pdf2011MicroSPMArray4, SPMArray4p9Nuclear MedicinePETresistive readout
811112Point-of-care, portable microfluidic blood analyzer systemMaleki, T.pdf2012Microbiophotonics +medFlow cytometerportable, point of care
801113Single photoelectron timing resolution of SiPM as a function of the bias voltage, the wavelength and the temperature. Puill, V.pdf2012MicroHEPPicosecond timing
791114Silicon Photomultiplier (SPM) detection of low-level bioluminescence for the development of deployable whole-cell biosensors: Possibilities and limitations.Li, H.pdf2012MicroSPMMini1035X08BioscienceFluorescenceportable analyser
781118Development of brain PET using GAPD arraysJung, JH.pdf2012MicroSPMArray2Nuclear MedicinePET-MRI
771120First demonstration of a Compton gamma imager based on silicon photomultipliersSaull, PRB.pdf2012MicroSPMArrayRadiation DetectionSecurityportable device
761122High Time Resolution Astronomy Or High Speed PhotometryVander Haagen, GA.pdf2012MicroSPMMiniAstronomyHigh speed photometry
751135Performance Measurements of a Novel Mobile NeuroPET-CTOuyang, J.pdf2012Nuclear MedicinePET CTPortable system, neuro
741137Performance_of_Fast_Timing_Silicon_Photomultipliers_for_Scintillation_DetectorsYeom, J-Y.pdf2012MicroMicroFM, MicroFBNuclear MedicineFast timing
731139Performance comparison of two compact multiplexed readouts with SensL’s SPMArray4 for high-resolution detector moduleQi, Y.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePET / SPECTmultiplexed readout
721142Evaluation of Matrix9 for Small Animal PETDu, J.pdf2012ArrayMatrix9Nuclear MedicinePETsmall animal, highly pixelated
711146Evaluation of Very Highly Pixellated Crystal Blocks with SiPM Readout as Candidates for PET/MR Detectors in a Small Animal PET InsertThompson, CJ.pdf2012ArraySPMArray4Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIsmall animal, highly pixelated
701153SiPM application for a detector for UHE neutrinos tested at Sphinx StationIori, M.pdf2013MicroSPMMicro3035UHEPCosmic raysCherenkov
691165Study of silicon photomultipliers for the readout of scintillator crystals in the proposed GRIPS Gamma-Ray Astronomy missionUlyanov, A.pdf2013MicroMicroFB-60035-SMTAstronomyGamma spectroscopy
681185Silicon photomultipliers for the readout of scintillator crystals in a ?-ray calorimeterHanlon, L.pdf2013MicroMicroB-600XXAstronomyGamma spectroscopyCalorimeter, space
671187Performance Evaluation of SensL SiPM Arrays for High-Resolution PETThiessen, J.pdf2013ArrayArraySL-4, ArraySM-4, ArraySB-4Nuclear MedicinePETSilicon family comparison
661191Measurement of Energy and Timing Resolution of Very Highly Pixellated LYSO Crystal Blocks with Multiplexed SiPM Readout for Use in a Small Animal PET/MR InsertThompson, CJ.pdf2013ArrayArraySB-4-30035-CERNuclear MedicinePET-MRIsmall animal, dual layer scint, multiplexed
651192Performance uniformity evaluation of two SensL’s SiPM modulesChartier, L.pdf2013ArrayArraySL-4-30035-CER, ArraySM-4p9Nuclear Medicine
641193Timing Resolution Performance Comparison for Fast and Standard Outputs of SensL SiPMDolinsky, S.pdf2013MicroMicroFB-SMA-30035Nuclear MedicinePETTiming studies, ToF
631196Evaluation of imaging modules based on SensL array SB-8 for nuclear medicine applicationsStolin, A.pdf2013ArrayArraySB-8Nuclear MedicinePETmultiplexed readout
621208A Novel Sub-Millimeter Resolution PET Detector With TOF CapabilityXu, T.pdf2013MicroMicroFM-30035-SMT, MicroFB-30035-SMT Nuclear MedicinePETmultiplexed readout, FM/FB comparison.
611375Novel photon-counting detectors for free-space communicationKrainak, MAG. Yanga, X. Suna, W. Lua, S. Merritta, J. Beckb .pdf2016MicroMicroFC-SMA-10010SpaceFree space communicationsphoton counting
601382SIPHRA 16-Channel Silicon Photomultiplier Readout ASICMeier, DJo?rg Ackermann, Alf Olsen, Hans Kristian Otnes Berge, Amir Hasanbegovic, Mehmet Akif Altan, Suleyman Azman, Bahram Najafiuchevler, Jahanzad Talebi, Philip Pa?hlsson, David Steenari, Arne Fredriksen, Petter Øya, Tor Magnus Johansen, Codin Gheorghe, Timo A. Stein, Gunnar Maehlum .pdf2016ReadoutASIC
591209Development of a Prototype Detector Using APD-Arrays Coupled With Pixelized Ce:GAGG Scintillator for High Resolution Radiation ImagingKamada, K.pdf2014HRMHRM-TDCNuclear MedicinePET
581217SiPM application for a detector for UHE neutrinos tested at Sphinx stationIori, M.pdf2014MicroMicroX-30035HEPNeutrino detection
571242Engineering Frequency-Time Quantum Correlation of Narrow-Band Biphotons from Cold AtomsCho, Y-W.pdf2014HRMHRM-TDCNuclear PhysicsTCSPC
561251Performance Study of a Wide-Area SiPM Array, ASICs ControlledGonzalez, AJ.pdf2014MicroMicroFB-30035-SMTNuclear MedicinePET-MRIASIC, DOI
551252Timing Results Using an FPGA-Based TDC with Large Arrays of 144 SiPMsAguilar, A.pdf2014MicroMicroFB-30035-SMTNuclear MedicineToF-PETTDC using FPGA, 12x12 array
531256Radiopurity assessment of the tracking readout for the NEXT double beta decay experimentAlvarez, V.pdf2014Micro1mm SMTNeutrinoRadiopurity
521268Characterization of a New Silicon Photomultiplier in Comparison with a Conventional Photomultiplier TubeSanaei, B.pdf2015ArrayArraySM-4p9Nuclear PhysicsGamma spectroscopyGAGG, CsI(Tl), LYSO
511229Wireless, low-cost, FPGA-based miniature gamma ray spectrometerBecker, EM.pdf2014MicroMicroSL-60035-X13Radiation DetectionPersonal dosimeterlow cost, wireless, CsI(Tl), spectrometer
501316A Hand-Held, Intra-Operative Positron Imaging Probe for Surgical ApplicationsSabat, HBrendan C. Stack Jr., and Vivek V. Nagarkar .pdf2015ArrayArraySM-4, ArraySM4-EVB-PreAmpNuclear MedicineIntra-operative probesCsI(Tl)
491390Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entanglement of Narrowband Photons from Cold AtomsLee, J-CKwang-Kyoon Park, Tian-Ming Zhao, and Yoon-Ho Kim .pdf2016HRMHRM-TDCAtomic physics
481403Feasibility of the ?? Radio-Guided Surgery with a Variety of Radio-Nuclides of Interest to Nuclear MedicineMancini-Terracciano, CRaffaella Donnarumma? 2,3, Gaia Bencivenga4, Valerio Bocci2, Antonella Cartoni5, Francesco Collamati1,2, Ilaria Fratoddi5, Alessandro Giordano6, Luca Indovina7, Michela Marafini8, Silvio Morganti2, Dante Rotili9, Andrea Russomando2,3,10, Teresa Scotognella11, Elena Solfaroli Camillocci2,3, Marco Toppi12, Giacomo Traini2,3, Iole Venditti5, and Riccardo Faccini .pdf2016MicroMicroFB-10035Nuclear MedicineRGSBeta detection
461225A large area, silicon photomultiplier-based PET detector module Raylman, R.pdf2014ArrayArraySL-4p9Nuclear MedicinePET-MRImultiplexed readout
451230Neutron Generator Burst Timing measured using a
Pulse Shape Discrimination Plastic Scintillator with
Silicon Photomultiplier Readout
Preston, R.pdf2014MicroMicroFB-60035-SMTRadiation DetectionNeutron detectionPlastic scintillator
441232Noise Characterization in Free Space Polarization Modulation Communication Using Simulated Atmospheric Conditions in LaboratorySoorat, R.pdf2014PCDPCDMini0020CommunicationsQuantum key distributionfree space optical comms
431243Details CMOS foundry fabrication, reliability stress assessment, and packaged sensor test results obtained during qualification of the SensL B-Series silicon photomultiplier (SiPM).Jackson, C.pdf2014MicroMicroFBAllPerformance
421244Scintillation Light from Cosmic-Ray Muons in Liquid ArgonWhittington, D.pdf2014MicroMicroFB-60035-SMTHEPCosmic raysmuon detectrion, neutrinos
411247Development of a PET Scanner for Simultaneously Imaging Small Animals with MRI and PETThompson, CJ.pdf2014ArrayArraySB-4Nuclear MedicinePET-MRIsmall animal
401265Pulse shape discrimination using EJ-299-33 plastic scintillator coupled with a Silicon Photomultiplier arrayLiao, C.pdf2015ArrayArraySB-4Nuclear PhysicsGamma and neutron detection, discriminationpulse shape discrimination, plastic scintillator
391297First Results from a High-Resolution Small Animal SiPM PET Insert for PET/MR Imaging at 7TGoertzen, ALGreg Stortz, Jonathan D. Thiessen, Daryl Bishop, Muhammad Salman Khan, Piotr Kozlowski, Fabrice Retie?re, Graham Schellenberg, Student Member, IEEE, Ehsan Shams, Vesna Sossi, Member, IEEE, and Christopher J. Thompson .pdf2016ArraySPMArray4BNuclear MedicinePET-MRIsmall animal
381319NIAM 3 - A low cost non-invasive SiPM PET calibration systemRassool, RPB. A. Sobott, D. J. Peake, G. O'Keefe.pdf2015ArrayMatrix9Nuclear MedicinePETNon-Invasive Arterial Monitor
371401FemtoDAQ: A Low-Cost Digitizer for SiPM-Based Detector Studies and its Application to the HAWC Detector UpgradeSkulski, WRuben A, BenZvi S.pdf2016MicroMicroFC-60035, ArrayC-60035-4P-EVBReadoutDAQ
361327Development of Multi-Channel Fast SiPM Readout Electronics for Clinical TOF PET DetectorXu, TQingyang Wei, Wenli Liu, Guanghua Gong, Zhi Deng, Yaqiang Liu, Tianyu Ma .pdf2014MicroMicroFB-30035- SMTNuclear MedicineToF-PETASIC development
351341Anode-Coupled Readout for Light Collection in Liquid Argon TPCsMoss, ZM. Toups, L. Bugel, G.H. Collin, J.M. Conrad .pdf2015MicroMicroFB-SMA-60035HEPNeutrino detection liquid argon, TPC,
341343Characterization of Lactate Sensors Based on Lactate Oxidase and Palladium Benzoporphyrin Immobilized in HydrogelsAndrus, LPRachel Unruh 1, Natalie A. Wisniewski 2 and Michael J. McShane .pdf2015BioscienceOptical biosensorpersonalized medicine
331365Intraoperative probe detecting ?- decays in brain tumour radio-guided surgerySolfaroli Camillocci, EV. Boccib, F. Collamatib, c, R. Donnarummaa, b, R. Faccinia, b, C. Mancini Terraccianoa, b, M. Marafinib, d, I. Matteie, S. Morgantib, S. Muraroe, L. Recchiab, A. Rucinskib, c, A. Russomandoa, b, f, M. Toppig, G. Trainia, b.pdf2016MicroMicroFB-10035Nuclear MedicineIntra-operative probeBeta detection, RGS
321367Development of a 64-Channel Readout ASIC for an 8 × 8 SSPM Array for PET and TOF-PET ApplicationsZhu, XZhi Deng, Yu Chen, Yinong Liu, and Yaqiang Liu .pdf2016MicroMicroFB-30035-SMTNuclear MedicinePETASIC
311370Test of scintillating bars coupled to Silicon Photomultipliers for a charged particle tracking deviceCecchini, SI. D’Antonea, L. Degli Espostia, I. Laxa, G. Mandriolia, N. Mauria, L. Pasqualinia,b,?, L. Patriziia, M. Pozzatoa, G. Sirria, M. Tentia .pdf2016MicroMicroSL-10035-X13HEPMuon detectionplastic scintillator, tracker
301396A new compact neutron/gamma ray scintillation detectorBuffler, AComrie, AC.pdf2016MicroMicroFC-60035Radiation Detectionneutron/gammaPSD, plastic scintillator
291404Single photon time resolution of state of the art SiPMsNamallapudi, MVS. Gundacker, P. Lecoq and E. Auffray .pdf2016MicroMicroFJ-30035-JD4, JD0 Nuclear MedicinePETSPTR
281406A mini-phoswich scintillator as a possible stop detector for the NUMEN projectCarbone, DM. Cavallaroa, C. Agodia, F. Cappuzzelloa, b, L. Cosentinoa, P. Finocchiaro.pdf2016MicroMicroSC-60035-X13HEPHeavy ion detectionphoswich, CsI(Tl)
271415Crystal Identification in Dual-Layer-Offset DOI-PET Detectors Using Stratified Peak Tracking Based on SVD and Mean-Shift AlgorithmWei, QTiantian Dai, Tianyu Ma, Yaqiang Liu, and Yu Gu .pdf2016MicroMicroFB-30035-SMTNuclear MedicinePETDOI, dual layer
261267Pulse shape discrimination performance of stilbene coupled to low-noise silicon photomultipliersRuch, ML.pdf2015MicroMicroFB-60035, MicroFC-60035Nuclear PhysicsGamma and neutron detection, discriminationpulse shape discrimination, plastic scintillator
251290Radon and material radiopurity assessment for the NEXT double beta decay experimentCebrian, S.pdf2015MicroMicroFC-10035-SMT-GPHEPNeutrino detectionNEXT, Lxe
241309Photon Detection System Designs for the Deep Underground Neutrino ExperimentWhittington, D-.pdf2015MicroC-Series, B-SeriesHEPNeutrino detectionDUNE, Lar
231329Silicon photomultiplier readout of a monolithic 270×5×5 cm3 plastic scintillator bar for time of flight applicationsReinhardt, TPStefan Gohlb,a, Stefan Reinickeb,a, Daniel Bemmererb, Thomas E. Cowanb,a, Klaus Heidelb, Marko Ro ?dera,b, Daniel Stachb, Andreas Wagnerb, David Weinbergerb, Kai Zuber .pdf2016MicroMicroFC-60035-SMTHEPNeutron detectionToF, Plastic scintillator
221346Performance of Large BGO Arrays Coupled to SiPM Photosensors – Continued StudyGonzalez, AJAntonio J. Gonza?lez, Filomeno Sa?nchez, Stan Majewski, Albert Aguilar, Andrea Gonza?lez-Montoro, Philip Parkhurst, Keith Vaigneur and Jose? M. Benlloch .pdf2015ArrayArrayC-30035-144PNuclear MedicinePETBGO, DOI
211358Miniature gamma detector based on inorganic scintillator and SiPMBerdnikova, AKF A Dubinin2,4,*, V A Kantserov1,2, A D Orlov3, D U Pereyma1, S Z Shmurak3 and K I Zhukov2.pdf2016MicroMicroFC-30035Nuclear PhysicsGamma spectroscopyportable gamma monitor, LaBr
201374Development of radiodetection systems towards miniaturised quality control of PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticalsTaggart, MPMark D. Tarn,bc Mohammad M. N. Esfahani,d Daniel M. Schofield,e Nathaniel J. Brown,d Stephen J. Archibald,bc Tom Deakin,ae Nicole Pamme*c and Lee F. Thompson*a .pdf2016ArrayArrayC-30035-16PNuclear MedicineRadiopharmaceutical analysisMicrofluidic chip
191394Time Resolution of Stilbene Coupled to Silicon Photomultipliers for use in a Handheld Dual Particle Scatter CameraRuch, MLJennifer Nguyen, Marek Flaska, and Sara A. Pozzi .pdf2016MicroMicroFC-60035Radiation DetectionHazard and threatStilbene, PSD,handheld
181381Pilot Studies With BGO Scintillators Coupled to Low-Noise, Large-Area, SiPM ArraysGonzalez, AJFilomeno Sánchez ; Stan Majewski ; Philip Parkhurst ; Keith Vaigneur ; José M. Benlloch.pdf2016ArrayArrayC-30035-144PNuclear MedicinePETBGO, DOI
171387Energy Resolution of Ce:GAGG and Pr:LuAG Scintillators coupled to 3mm × 3mm Silicon PhotomultipliersStewart, AGB. Seitz, K. O’Neill, L. Wall, J. C. Jackson.pdf2016MicroMicroFC, MicroFB, MicroFMNuclear MedicinePETLuAG, GAGG
161393Personal radiation detector at a high technology readiness level that satisfies DARPA’s SN-13-47 and SIGMA program requirementsGinzburg, D Y. Knafo a, A. Manor a, R. Seif b, M. Ghelman b, M. Ellenbogen a, V. Pushkarsky a, Y. Ifergan b, N. Semyonov a, U. Wengrowicz b, T. Mazor b, Y. Kadmon b, Y. Cohen b, A. Osovizky .pdf2015MicroMicroFC-60035-SMTRadiation DetectionHazard and threatDarpa, CsI(Tl), PRD
151408Localisation of gamma-ray interaction points in thick monolithic CeBr3 and LaBr3:Ce scintillatorsUlyanov, A Oran Morrisa, b, Oliver J. Robertsa, Isaac Tobina, Lorraine Hanlona, Sheila McBreena, David Murphya, Nick Nelmsc, Brian Shorttc.pdf2016MicroMicroFB-60035-SMTAstronomyCompton telescopeLaBr, CeBr
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