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Welcome to the SensL Documentation Library.

Below you will find a list of  data sheets, user manuals, application notes, whitepapers, and technical notes.  You can easily search by keyword (i.e. “data sheets”) or click on column sort (i.e. “website sort order”) for the most popular documents.

Please note that the revision information for all documents are now contained within the file.  For document revision information please refer to the last page of each document in lower left footer.

Website Sort OrderProduct FamilyDocument TypeDocument DescriptionFull Link
1GeneralWhite Paper (WP)How to Evaluate and Compare SiPM Sensors.pdf
2GeneralProduct Brief (PB)Introduction to SiPM Technology (2 Page Overview).pdf
3GeneralTech Note (TN)Introduction to SiPM Technology Whitepaper (Detailed).pdf
4GeneralTech Note (TN)Biasing and Readout of SensL SiPMs.pdf
5GeneralTech Note (TN)SiPM SMA Board Experiment Guide.pdf
6C SeriesData Sheet (DS)C-Series (Low Noise/MLP) SiPM Datasheet.pdf
7C SeriesUser Manual (UM)C-Series (Low Noise/MLP) SiPM User Manual.pdf
8C SeriesReference Design (RD)SMT/MLP SMA and SMTPA Board Reference Designs.pdf
9GeneralTech Note (TN)MLP Device Handling and Soldering Guide (C-Series and R-Series).pdf
10J SeriesData Sheet (DS)J Series (High Performance/TSV) - Datasheet.pdf
11J SeriesUser Manual (UM)J Series - User Manual.pdf
12J SeriesTech Note (TN)TSV Handling Guide when used with Scintillators.pdf
13J SeriesTech Note (TN)TSV Device -- Handling and Soldering Guide (J-Series).pdf
14J SeriesReference Design (RD)TSV SMA & SMTPA Board Reference Design.pdf
15R-SeriesData Sheet (DS)MicroRB (R-Series, red sensitive SiPM) Datasheet.pdf
16R-SeriesData Sheet (DS)ArrayRA-116A20 -- 1x16 RA Series Array in DFN Package.pdf
17R-SeriesData Sheet (DS)MicroRA Datasheet (not recommended for new designs -- See MicroRB Datasheet).pdf
19ArrayProduct Brief (PB)ArrayC Family Product Brief.pdf
20ArrayUser Manual (UM)ArrayC Family User Manual.pdf
21ArrayTech Note (TN)Design guide for creating custom MLP/TSV Arrays.pdf
22ArrayProduct Brief (PB)ArrayJ Series Product Brief.pdf
23ArrayUser Manual (UM)ArrayJ Family User Manual.pdf
24GeneralTech Note (TN)Readout Methods for Arrays of Silicon Photomultipliers.pdf
25GeneralApp Note (AN)Signal Driven Multiplexing Method For Channel Reduction -- Detailed App Note.pdf
26MatrixProduct Brief (PB)MatrixB Product Brief.pdf
27MatrixUser Manual (UM)Matrix System User Manual.pdf
28MatrixUser Manual (UM)MatrixB User Manual.pdf
29HRMTimeData Sheet (DS)HRM-TDC System Level Datasheet.pdf
30HRMTimeTech Note (TN)Using HRM-TDC & HRM-CFD with Analog Detectors.pdf
31HRMTimeUser Manual (UM)HRMTime TDC User Manual.pdf
32HRMTimeTech Note (TN)HRM-TDC Quickstart Guide.pdf
33Mini - SPMData Sheet (DS)MiniSM Datasheet.pdf
34Mini - SPMUser Manual (UM)MiniSM User Manual.pdf
35GeneralTech Note (TN)Crystal Wrapping Whitepaper.pdf
36MicroTech Note (TN)Understanding Signal to Noise Ratio Calculations.pdf
37B SeriesTech Note (TN)Diode Check.pdf
38GeneralApp Note (AN)Medical Imaging Application Note.pdf
39GeneralApp Note (AN)Hazard & Threat Detection Application Note.pdf
40GeneralApp Note (AN)LiDAR Application Note.pdf
41GeneralApp Note (AN)Biophotonics Application Note.pdf
42B SeriesData Sheet (DS)B-Series SiPM Data Sheet (See Website for Sales Notes).pdf
43B SeriesUser Manual (UM)B-Series SiPM User Manual.pdf
44M SeriesData Sheet (DS)M Series SiPM Datasheet (See Website for Sales Notes).pdf
45M SeriesUser Manual (UM)M Series SiPM User Manual.pdf