Medical Imaging

Medical imaging techniques aim to identify abnormalities very early in the progress of a disease. Today, there are medical imaging procedures that are essential in many specialties, from cardiology to oncology to psychiatry. New and innovative treatments that are targeted at the molecular level within the body are revolutionizing our understanding of and approach to a range of diseases and conditions. SensL has developed sensors and systems for PET (Positron Emission Tomography) that can work in magnetic fields, have a small form factor, uniform response and are easily integrated into PET systems.

For more information on SensL and using SiPMs in the Medical Imaging market please download this two-page Application Note:

Application Note

Recommended Products

  • J-Series SiPM sensors – Highest PDE and timing performance, ferrous-free, high fill-factor TSV package.
  • C-Series SiPM sensors – High PDE and low noise, low-cost MLP package.
  • SiPM Arrays – Arrays of SiPM sensors in various configurations, suitable for tiling over large areas.
  • Matrix System – Modular scintillator readout solution for nuclear medicine.

SensL products are suited to the following applications:

  • Conventional PET
  • ToF-PET
  • Small animal PET
  • Simultaneous PET-MRI
  • Intraoperative probes