SensL are market leaders in Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) sensors which have been identified as a solution for some of the challenges of automotive LiDAR applications. Through extensive work to understand the requirements of automotive LiDAR, SensL have developed a software model that allows various system configurations and sensor types to be simulated. This work culminated in a design for a ‘Gen3’ LiDAR demonstration system, which relied upon a monolithic 1×16 SiPM array: The ArrayRA-0116A20. This product takes advantage of the recently developed RA-Series process that features enhanced sensitivity to the NIR wavelengths used in automotive LiDAR applications. This results in a sensor that has single photon sensitivity and high responsivity at 905 nm, achieved at a low bias of ~50 V.
The ArrayRA-0116A20 is now available to purchase directly from our eStore. More information can be found on the product webpage and the datasheet. The Gen3 LiDAR demonstrator system that uses this product can be seen in action in this video. A detailed Tech Note on the Gen3 system is available by contacting SensL Sales.