Quality, Reliability and Uniformity

SensL’s silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) are manufactured in a Tier-1 CMOS foundry and packaged in a high-volume production facility. This fabrication process provides the highest product performance, uniformity and reliability. SensL products are designed for use in high-volume markets such as medical imaging and LiDAR based automotive driver assist systems (ADAS). SensL has published a paper that outlines the sensor testing parameters and shows the uniformity data that have been obtained during mass production wafers runs. Additionally, it describes the outcome of reliability testing using integrated circuit industry standard test procedures.

Uniformity of Breakdown Voltage and Optical Current

The result of the high quality manufacture and 100% testing is a highly uniform product both in terms of the spread in the breakdown voltage and the optical current under a given illumination. The plots on the below show the combined results of over 100,000 sensors. The breakdown voltage shows uniformity of ±221mV and optical uniformity of <±9%.

Manufacture and Testing

Wafer processing is carried out in a Tier-1 CMOS foundry using standard 8-inch CMOS processes. Sensors are electrically and optically tested at wafer probe, where 1,000,000 product tests are carried out per wafer lot.

A high-volume packaging process using Tier-1 packaging contract manufacturers is used. This incorporates 100% end-of-line product test that includes electrical test, illuminated and dark current measurement and automatic visual inspection. Tested sensors are shipped to customers on cut tape or tape and reel and meet the exact specifications of the datasheet. No individual lot or device test sheets are necessary.

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SensL fully qualifies all of its sensors using industry standard test flows designed for integrated circuits. A list of typical qualification tests is given in table 3 of this paper. These tests are performed on multiple wafer production lots and package assembly lots for each product.

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