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SensL offers a range of Silicon Photomultipliers, SPAD Arrays and Measurement Instruments. At the heart of the product line are the ‘Micro’ series of SiPM sensors in a range of sizes and packages. Different series of SiPM sensors are targeted at different applications, but SensL SiPM sensors share in a number of common characteristics, of low noise (30kHz/mm2 typical), high breakdown voltage uniformity (±250mV), low temperature coefficient (21.5mV/oC) and low bias voltage of <30V. SensL was formed in 2004 and has been driving the development of SiPM technology ever since. Our SiPM technology offers industry-leading uniformity in operating voltage and optical response, enabling world class system performance and compelling cost advantage. SensL has over 500 customers who have implemented its low-light sensors in a wide range of applications including medical imaging, biophotonics, hazard & threat detection and LIDAR. We strive to help all customers learn and implement our technology by having a focus on application technical support and an engineering commitment to maintaining leading edge sensor and packaging developments.

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The SensL Advantage

  • Designed for high volume
  • Designed for lowest cost
  • Designed for uniformity
  • Excellent customer support