SensL is now ON Semiconductor

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SensL is now fully integrated into ON Semiconductor and this website will begin to direct pages to corresponding pages at ON Semiconductor.

Please know that as this transition continues that the entire SensL team is still available to serve your needs and answer your questions.

Below are some handy links in case you need to get in touch directly with the former SensL sales and technical support team who are now part of the ON Semiconductor, Intelligent Sensing Group (ISG), SensL Division.

ON Semiconductor SIPM/SensL Webpage: LINK

Letter to customers on how to order SensL Products: LINK

Contact emails: (this will forward to the former and email addresses)

Main Number for SensL Division (Cork Ireland): +353 21 240 7110

SensL is now part of ON Semiconductor

Attention eStore Customers:

The SensL eStore is no longer available as purchases for SensL products are now available through all ON Semiconductor distribution and VAR’s.

Please go to the following website to select a sales channel in your region.  Stock of SensL devices will be available to ship on Monday October 29, 2018.  Leadtimes may initially be 2-4 weeks but we will be quickly returning to <48 hour shipments shortly. Please note that Mouser and Arrow electronics are staged to ship and accept orders immediately.  If ordering 1-2999 pieces of our standard SiPM detectors please use “-TR1” as the ordering suffix when requesting low volumes (i.e. MicroFC-30035-MLP-TR1) for standard reel quantities (3,000 pieces) please add “-TR” to the end of the part numbers (i.e. MicroFC-30035-MLP-TR”.  For a complete list of all SensL parts and recent datasheets please visit the ON Semiconductor SiPM home page.

If you have an existing quotation or purchase history with SensL please request a quote directly with these partners and your historical volume purchases will be recognized.

Thank you for your patience and business.