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SensL Products

SensL’s main focus is SiPM sensors, but SensL also produces a number of SiPM related products (arrays and application specific evaluation systems) as well our measurement instruments. Below is a summary of each, with links to the dedicated product pages. If more help is needed to navigate the SensL product range, then please refer to our product selection guide page.

Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs)

SensL offers a complete line of Silicon Photomultipliers covering a wide range of applications.  There are several options to choose from and each “Series” is designed to offer a set of performance parameters suited to a given application.

Links to the dedicated product pages for each Series are below, but certain characteristics are common to all SensL SiPM sensors:

SensL Product


Low Noise & Exceptional Uniformity

C-Series sensors have all-round high performance and are designed for high volume. It is available in the low-cost MLP package that is compatible with standard reflow solder, surface mount procedures.  The peak sensitivity is in the blue (420nm) making these sensors an excellent match for many of the scintillators used in medical imaging and hazard and threat applications. It features high PDE of 42%, low dark count rates of 30kHz/mm2 and low cross talk of <10%. The C-Series is available in 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm sizes.

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High Performance in a TSV Package

The J-Series builds on the successful C-Series product line, to provide sensors optimized for high-performance timing applications.  It features high density microcells that give best-in-class PDE of >50% at the peak of 420nm, a good match for the scintillators used in nuclear medicine. The J-Series is designed in a TSV package to provide designers the highest array fill factor in the industry, and has the added benefit of being ferrous-metal free.  In addition, the design of the sensor has been refined to improve both the signal rise time and microcell recovery time.  The J-Series is offered in 3mm and 6mm.

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Fast, Red Sensitive SiPM

The R-Series is a new family of Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) sensors providing improved sensitivity into the red and NIR portion of the spectrum. The R-Series SiPM sensors have been optimized for the 3D ranging and sensing markets and feature high responsivity and fast signal response, along with SensL’s characteristic low bias, high uniformity and low temperature coefficient. The sensor is packaged in a compact and robust MLP package that has been designed for high volume production.

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Additional Products

SiPM Arrays

SensL offers a arrays of SiPMs in a variety of pixel sizes and array formats that can be used rapid evaluation of the technology. From there, you can employ the SensL arrays in your application or follow SensL’s well-proven array design guidelines to build your own.

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Application Specific Evaluation Systems

SensL offers several lab oriented devices for use in testing SiPM designs for specific applications. These sub-systems include readout electronics and simple software environments, for photon counting and nuclear medicine applications.

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Measurement Instruments

The ability to record precision data from low-light sensors forms one of SensL’s core competencies. A sensor is only as good as the electronics which are used to readout and acquire the signal it produces. SensL offers both TDC and CFD systems for use with a wide range of sensors, not only SiPMs.

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