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Applications for SiPM Sensors

SensL products address the needs of a wide range of applications that use low-light detection. Typically these applications have previously utilized older, vacuum tube technology. However, due to the high cost, poor availability and complex engineering requirements, many next generation products are now using Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs).

Explore the various application pages or the academic research library for more information on where SiPMs are used.

Medical Imaging

Leading coincidence resolving time for best-in-class ToF-PET Performance.

Hazard & Threat

Excellent energy resolution for rapid isotope identification.

3D Ranging & Sensing

High responsivity red sensors for full daylight operation.

Biophotonics & Sciences

Ultra-low dark count sensors with high detection efficiency.

High Energy Physics

Industry-leading packaging for magnetic and radiopure environments.

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