SensL produces state-of-the-art silicon photomultipliers, measurement instruments, and photon counting devices. These are developed to provide the highest uniformity and engineering standards, and best mix of price and performance in the industry.

To aid our customers in the adoption and integration of our technology, SensL has developed a full range of products and services which allow our customers to quickly evaluate, integrate and go to market.

This intimate knowledge of detector and instrumentation technology, combined with our close relationship with our customers, has lead to a range of readout and digitization architectures which can be rapidly deployed.

SPMArray4: scalable silicon photomultiplier array for large area deteaction_front and backSilicon Photomultipliers: A range of single- and multi-pixel solid-state photosensors that provide the world’s first replacement for the vacuum-tube PMT.

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HRMTime:  High resolution timing moduleMeasurement Instruments: The HRM series of compact, bench-top, USB-controlled instruments, currently feature a TDC (Time to Digital Converter) and a CFD (Constant Fraction Discriminator).

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