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Medical Imaging

Leading coincidence resolving time for best-in-class ToF-PET Performance.

Hazard & Threat

Excellent energy resolution for rapid isotope identification.

3D Ranging & Sensing

High responsivity red sensors for full daylight operation.

Biophotonics & Sciences

Ultra-low dark count sensors with high detection efficiency.

High Energy Physics

Industry-leading packaging for magnetic and radiopure environments.

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Choose the Best Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) For Your Application

C-Series Overview

C-Series Highlights Typical Value
PDE @ 420 nm 42 %
Typical dark count 30 kHz/mm2
Operating Voltage <30 V
Package Type MLP  (reflow solder compatible SMT)
Tape & Reel Yes

J-Series Overview

J-Series Highlights Typical Value
PDE @ 420 nm >50 %
Array Fill Factor >90 %
Recovery Time (RC) 16 ns
Package Type TSV (reflow solderable SMT)
Tape & Reel Yes

R-Series Overview

R-Series Highlights Typical Value
Responsivity @ 905 nm > 100 kA/W
Gain ~ 1×106
Recovery time (RC) 13 ns
Package Type MLP (reflow solder compatible SMT)
Tape & Reel Yes

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